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IGN: Samerton
by Samerton » 2 months ago
Hi everyone,

Version 2.0.0 pre-release 5 has finally been released! This has a huge number of fixes and changes since pre-release 4, including:
  • The long awaited new StaffCP
  • RTL language support
  • Server status page
  • Navbar + forum icons
  • User popovers (hover over any username on the website to view more info about them)
  • Many bug fixes + other additions
You can update existing v2 installations in the AdminCP -> Update tab, and new installations can get pre release 5 fromĀ here.

This is the biggest update yet, uncompressed the files are 44MB. Please be patient as the files are uploading, and note that your site may not be available during this time.

Please note, any custom modules and templates made for pre-release 4 are not compatible with pre-release 5. As a result, they will be disabled and it will not be possible to re-enable them until they are updated.

- Sam

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