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yo can you add my discord rogerTheKangaroo#7090 i wanna ask you a question
Hey idk if you still want that question answered, but it's the first time I've logged in in a while and I just saw your message. The tag didn't work so lmk if you still want to talk.
yesterday was my birthday so that's cool i guess.


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over 2 years ago
Version 2.0.0 Pre-Release 12

Wow, cranking out updates now! 👍

over 3 years ago
Version 2.0.0 Pre-Release 9

RIP pre-release 8 lol

over 3 years ago
Locked out of admin account due to captcha

Yeah if you go into phpmyadmin for the site's database, click the database, find the table "nl2_settings", click edit next to recaptcha_login and change it to false

over 3 years ago

Hey there! 😀

I like some of the things you've mentions and would too like to see them added in the future. However, some things you can get by with by using templates/modules.

Here's what I mean:

  • UI changes
    • You could take a look at some of the custom templates in the "Resources" tab of the site, or get a custom template designed to your liking.
  • Ticket/Support Page
    • You can make tickets and support forms using the Forms Module found here!
  • Ban Appeals
    • You could either use the Forms Module from above, or use the Infractions Module here!
      • I do not actually know if you can unban players using the Infractions Module, as I have no used it before.
  • Forums/Drag Support
    • I'm not sure what you mean here.
  • Add Console in the StaffCP
    • I would love to see this feature, but I don't really see an easy way of doing this.
  • Better Staff Pages (Example)
    • I've seen some templates that have Staff Pages similar to those, so just look around until you find one you like.
  • Forums Upvote
    • I think this would be cool, however it takes a different approach to "Forums". Mixed opinion for me.
      • I mean "different approach" by ranking replies by upvotes, rather than date of replies. It's a different system.
  • Better Profile Page w/ Stats
    • You might be able to do something like this using the NamelessMC Plugin (found here!), but I am not entirely sure, as I have never used the plugin.
  • Leaderboards
    • I know that TechniTheme has a custom leaderboards module for this, but it only works for select plugins. (and it's also slightly outdated.)
  • Dynmap Integration
    • It would be a cool module request!

I hope I helped you a bit on being able to utilize "solutions" to these problems for the time being.

  - Spqrrow

over 4 years ago
polls on forums

Sorry for necroposting, but I would really like to see something like this added. Is that a plan for the near future or something I missed?