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The Infractions module for Nameless v2 allows you to display a list of ingame punishments on your website.

Supported Plugins

  • LiteBans
  • LibertyBans
  • AdvancedBan

If you would like to request plugin support, please open an issue on GitHub.


  • NamelessMC version 2 pre-release 10
  • One of the previously mentioned supported plugins installed and configured to use MySQL


  • Upload the contents of the upload directory straight into your NamelessMC installation's directory
  • Activate the module in the StaffCP -> Modules tab
  • Configure your Infractions plugin information in the StaffCP -> Infractions tab
  • Edit your groups and set permissions accordingly - by default, only the admin group can view the page!

Contributors: Partydragen, Aberdeener
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Total Downloads
First Release
04 Feb 2020
Last Release
04 Jul 2021
NamelessMC v2 Modules

Version v1.3.0

04 Jul 2021, 14:54


On new version not working.

| v1.3.0 | 6 months ago Lucass Lucass

I would welcome the addition of the option to add an icon in the module settings. Otherwise it's good


| v1.3.0 | 9 months ago ZiklCZ ZiklCZ

Good stuff, would like to see Aquacore support ;)

| v1.3.0 | 9 months ago ItzGoogle ItzGoogle

Works pretty well, maybe you could try addon support for the New StaffCore-Bungee plugin from LacoDev?

| v1.3.0 | 10 months ago getabbter getabbter

Worked before, tested new version but doesnt work anymore?

| v1.2.0 | about 1 year ago birger147 birger147

Amazing module, the only feature it lacks is search, but I'm sure it will be added soon!

| v1.2.0 | about 1 year ago Fjuro Fjuro


| v1.1.2 | about 1 year ago Dan Chisaru Dan Chisaru

Update to latest nameless please and add mobile friendly ui.

| v1.1.2 | about 1 year ago Revivalo Revivalo

works good

| v1.1.1 | about 1 year ago Blackfort Blackfort

Perfect plugin, but, I don't know how to connect my MySQL to LiteBans and i'm getting this error:


| v1.1.1 | about 1 year ago UrgingGamer UrgingGamer