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Nameless Infractions Module

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[v1.4.1] Display a list of in-game punishments on your website

The Infractions module for Nameless v2 allows you to display a list of in-game punishments on your website.

Supported Plugins

  • LiteBans
  • LibertyBans
  • AdvancedBan

If you would like to request plugin support, please open an issue on GitHub.


  • NamelessMC version 2.1.0
  • One of the previously mentioned supported plugins installed and configured to use MySQL


  • Upload the contents of the upload directory straight into your NamelessMC installation's directory
  • Activate the module in the StaffCP -> Modules tab
  • Configure your Infractions plugin information in the StaffCP -> Infractions tab
  • Edit your groups and set permissions accordingly - by default, only the admin group can view the page!

Contributors: Partydragen, Aberdeener
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Total Downloads
First Release
04 Feb 2020
Last Release
26 Aug 2023
NamelessMC v2 Modules

Version v1.4.1

26 Aug 2023, 12:12


I receive this after setting it up with the CORRECT DB details:

Uncaught PDOException


SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ' xxxxxxx_xxxxxxx'@'localhost' (using password: YES)




Any help appreciated

| v1.4.1 | 3 months ago SpyCraft3r SpyCraft3r

It's really nice, but please provide icon Settings for the <i>  and detailed page Settings for the View button, thanks!

| v1.4.1 | 5 months ago RixvNX RixvNX

This was a great plugin and made it easy for everyone to keep track of infractions of players and such but the fact that it is no longer usable with new Nameless upgrade is very upsetting. I do hope that development can continue again as this was a vital part of my website.

| v1.3.0 | about 1 year ago Warmpopsicle Warmpopsicle

Pls update this resource <3

| v1.3.0 | about 1 year ago SlimeBlu24 SlimeBlu24

Please update to pr13 <3

| v1.3.0 | about 1 year ago malachiel malachiel

On new version not working.

| v1.3.0 | over 2 years ago Lucass Lucass

I would welcome the addition of the option to add an icon in the module settings. Otherwise it's good


| v1.3.0 | over 2 years ago ZiklCZ ZiklCZ

Good stuff, would like to see Aquacore support ;)

| v1.3.0 | over 2 years ago ItzGoogle ItzGoogle

Works pretty well, maybe you could try addon support for the New StaffCore-Bungee plugin from LacoDev?

| v1.3.0 | over 2 years ago getabbter getabbter

Worked before, tested new version but doesnt work anymore?

| v1.2.0 | over 3 years ago birger147 birger147