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over 4 years ago
LeaderHeads web-interface integration for namelessMC (latest)


I was searching for this long time since started using namelessMC for my own experimentations since I want to customize it for myself (and that takes long time) then release my MC website/forum.

Yes I do need this integration as a module to show statistics of various things that's happening on the server - I mean statistics of the players.

But even if I don't need this, this could be extremely helpful to namelessMC development as it will bring player statistics to one single module. ALL statistics you could possibly imagine will be brought to just one single module using LeaderHeads integration of an existing web-interface. That's the simple way of doing it, just to make a module that will have LeaderHeads's web-interface inside of it. Or it can be harmonized to namelessMC's active template.

I hope this will someday come to life, thanks.

Turns out the creator has been making this for a little while now for V2 :)

over 4 years ago
LeaderHeads web-interface integration for namelessMC (latest)

Yes yes yes we need this.

over 4 years ago
Ban appeals

good, interesting idea.

over 4 years ago
Error when uploading it with FTP

Hey @Samerton or other staff/developers from this plugin, when im uploading it to the FTP it gives me an error.. I'm using FIleZilla

? hm

over 4 years ago
User Tagging

Idea for the software to be like xenforo and allow you to tag users with @Something which makes it easier to manage stuff like staffapps