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VaneHD: 8 months ago
Can you please accept my discord friend request? Thanks, Vane.

xb0t3r: over 2 years ago

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May I get your discord name?

9 months ago

I'm hoping to have a review of the rules and how they're enforced in the near future, thanks for raising your concerns.

You can find the logo here (imgur mirror).

Good stuff friend, i wasn't at all trying to start any fights, or meaning to break the rules, i just simply had a few questions about the rules that made no sense and good friend BrightSkyz was nothing but angry about the whole situation and banned me for no reason. Could i be unbanned :)

9 months ago

I don't think you'll be growing a community with absloute potatos such as "BrightSkyz"

Actual wouldn't trust that man in a bank call centre. He's dangerous Mans simply out here questioning the boundaries of this so called rules.

How ever my question still stands i guess, can i receive a transparent image of the namelessmc logo ty.
9 months ago

I made this because staff applications was for v1 but wasn't ported over to v2 ( as of yet? ) 

Anyway, i did have a fully working version but the only copy of it was on namelessmc's free hosting and that shutdown so i lost it, i've an early version of it that sorta works? xd ;)

 - Tables Need to be case sensitive? This is a nameless / MYSQL bug not a me bug. ( So if you get errors saying can't find table 'xxx' then you'll need to double check the name of the table is absloute.
- When editing a question it'll create a new one instead. ( I'll fix this later probs, i'm very busy and dont' do much web developement these days, a work-around would be too just create a new question and delete the old question )

Any other problems let me know ;) 

9 months ago

There shouldn't be any need, the tables aren't an issue; it was purely CSS.

Nah when i was making my own modules on my localhost and then porting them over to namelessmc hosting, i was getting errors as it couldn't determine the tables because they was case sensitive, and on linux servers it defaults to checking case sensitivity.
11 months ago