LITHIUM | A Premium NamelessMC Template

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[1.13] a premium template for NamelessMC v2

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Members Module
Resources Module
Vote Module
Friends Module
Forms Module
Tebex Module
Staff Module
Chatbox Module
Infractions Module
Rules Module
CraftingStore Module
Tickets Module
Suggestions Module
Wiki Module
Badges Module
Polls Module
McTrade Module
Gallery Module
Iframe Module
CustomDropdown Module
McStatistics Module
Store Module

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Total Downloads
First Release
23 Apr 2021
Last Release
03 Jan 2022
NamelessMC Templates

Version 1.13

03 Jan 2022, 16:09


The best user friendly template.It shows better on mobile phones like celisium.

| 1.1 | 9 months ago Gresakm Gresakm

Done an amazing job again Xemah!
Great template, worth 100% of the money

| 1.0 | 9 months ago ItsEatHam ItsEatHam

Nice and easy to use! Exactly what i expected from Xemah. Good quality, amazing support and worth the money!

| 1.0 | 9 months ago timr2000 timr2000

Feels like a nice Cesium Update/Refresh! Worth the money, and still room for updates. ?

| 1.0 | 9 months ago Spqrrow Spqrrow