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[1.30] Professional, supports all modules, beautiful design, and more

Members Module

Resources Module

Vote Module

Friends Module

Forms Module

Tebex Module

Staff Module

Chatbox Module

Infractions Module

Rules Module

CraftingStore Module

Tickets Module

Suggestions Module

Wiki Module

Frequently Asked Questions Module

Badges Module

Polls Module

McTrade Module

Gallery Module

Iframe Module

CustomDropdown Module

McStatistics Module

Store Module

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Contributors: Xemah, Coldfire
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Total Downloads
First Release
23 Apr 2021
Last Release
19 May 2024
NamelessMC Templates

Version 1.30

19 May 2024, 00:56


Thank you very much for this very beautiful theme! Also thank you for the newest update which fixed a bug I reported two times some time ago which fixes the bug that unabled users to send credits to each other.

I absolutely recommend this theme. Its absolutely worth its price. To everyone who says it is expensive, just remember that themes for other CMS like WordPress e.g. just cost round about 60€... So big thumbs up to this developer <3

| 1.29 | 3 months ago Kadnick Kadnick

Very awesome design, I would buy from a few of you to give my server's users a few options to choose from! Y'all got some talent for sure!

| 1.25 | about 1 year ago Hazard1nc Hazard1nc

nice template

| 1.25 | about 1 year ago Rundwuerfel Rundwuerfel

Amazing template simple clean and with a ton of customizations love it recently upgraded and was using Rapid which also was pretty good

| 1.20 | about 1 year ago poqdavid poqdavid

The best user friendly template.It shows better on mobile phones like celisium.

| 1.1 | over 3 years ago Gresakm Gresakm

Done an amazing job again Xemah!
Great template, worth 100% of the money

| 1.0 | over 3 years ago ItsEatHam ItsEatHam

Nice and easy to use! Exactly what i expected from Xemah. Good quality, amazing support and worth the money!

| 1.0 | over 3 years ago timr2000 timr2000

Feels like a nice Cesium Update/Refresh! Worth the money, and still room for updates. ?

| 1.0 | over 3 years ago devante devante