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Cobalt Theme for NamelessMC - #1 on the Market

Viewing resource Cobalt Theme for NamelessMC - #1 on the Market

[1.7.3] The best NamelessMC theme: 130+ settings, clean design, + more.

Contributors: Coldfire
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Total Downloads
First Release
25 Oct 2021
Last Release
22 Aug 2023
NamelessMC Templates

Version 1.7.3

22 Aug 2023, 04:20


Really nice theme! I had some trouble with it tho

| 1.7.1 | 6 months ago DevSound DevSound

Had a great experience using this template, would definitely recommend to any server owner looking to make a clean looking website.

| 1.6.3 | 11 months ago zerevoid zerevoid

A beautiful template! 

| 1.5.1 | about 1 year ago enno123 enno123

Best theme for NamelessMC

| 1.3.3 | about 1 year ago Mac Mac

best of best

| v1.3.1 | about 1 year ago Beluga Beluga

Very good  Theme


| 1.2.3 | about 1 year ago pieseczek pieseczek

The Cobalt template for the Nameless Forum is the perfect solution for people who want a state of the art website but lack of the technical know how of how to build a website. The Configurability of the template is one of the easiest i have come across and that's coming from a person with 0 coding experience. The Developer is a very friendly person who makes a point to respond to any and every technical problem you may face as well as goes out of his ways to help you with stuff even thought that's not required by him. Would 5/5 recommend this to anyone who want to have an amazing website but doesn't want to spend the 100s of USD quoted by the professional firms out there.

| 1.2.0 | about 1 year ago li_has li_has

Very professional, modern and well put together template with tons of module compatibility.

Template Customization has been made easier then ever with integrated template update/config backup directly in StaffCP GUI!!!

I can not stress how well put together the the front-end User-Interface is! Be sure to check out the demo site.

| 1.0.0 | about 1 year ago UpInSmoke UpInSmoke