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Wiki Pro Module

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[1.1.4] Setup a collaborative Wiki with permissions, logs & more!



New - Minecraft Plugin addition.
Let your players view your wiki from in-game!

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Supported Templates

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- DefaultRevamp
- Cobalt
- Lithium
- Futurium
- Nexus

Only $8.99 for lifetime access!

If you have any issues or need support, please join our Discord.

Contributors: Co0kei; Special Credit: This module uses code from the Rules module by Coldfire, the Forum module by Samerton, and the Store module by Partydragen.
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Total Downloads
First Release
04 Jul 2022
Last Release
24 Nov 2022
NamelessMC v2 Modules

Version 1.1.4

24 Nov 2022, 21:36


I noticed that you get access to the Minecraft Wiki Pro plugin for free on your discord server, for writing a honest review as a customer.
While in my case, I don't need it, so no worries in that regard, you are relieved of that burden, so expect a completely honest non-biased review.

As for a honest reviewer, Wiki Pro Module is what it is. Its neither good nor bad, but lingering in the middle. It has potential, and yet not. I don't use NamelessMC anymore and is just a lingering shadow here wondering where NamelessMC will go from here and out. But I have used your Wiki Pro Module and tested it myself, so my experience with the product is genuine to the very core. So here are my public and private thoughts combined on the matter.

Wiki Pro Module is stuck on a small disregarded forum platform with a game that have already been dying since 1.9 was released (Minecraft is at this point completely and utterly washed up). As a outsider looking in, I can tell that you've poured a bit of your time and effort into this project of yours aka Wiki Pro Module and Wiki Pro Plugin, but its nowhere near what you'd want and expect from a stand-alone wiki as a module (or a standalone wiki website). Hence why I said it was stuck at the beginning - as in the meaning that you, yourself are literally stuck with this project. Not gaining enough popularity to really matter on NamelessMC, not enough to have a active support channel in Discord, to a point where others are thinking this module is the other Wiki module and mistake the two. People simply don't understand the difference, all they see is black and white. You are not achieving completely freedom in coding, as you are being completely restrained to templates and how NamelessMC is designed. Once you've covered all you can, you'll simply become redundant, without any sense of achievement left. Nothing but despair and thoughts that you could not do what you really wanted to do and take the project to a new height. This platform is taking all your potential away and I think you've personally flourished even better if you made a standalone website based on this and not based on a neglected forum software that barely have any social attention, to a point where barely any have heard about it during their time creating a server and website for Minecraft. This is a team that don't have the team spirit, capacity or the willingness to improve internally, externally nor in the way of the code and completely neglect constructive feedback and their own customers wishes and ideas. As a honest reviewer, I wish you the best of luck in your project regardless and I sincerely feel bad for seeing how your potential as a developer have disintegrated throughout your time on this project. And no direct or indirect hate for NamelessMC, just pure facts about the current status quo.

| 1.1.4 | 8 days ago Electrocute4u Electrocute4u

Great resource and the developer is very helpful when you need support!

| 1.1.3 | 11 days ago joshwenke joshwenke

Great module, works fine with lithium!

| 1.0.7 | 3 months ago Drimat Drimat

Great module, it is a lot cheaper compared to the other alternative, with a lot of features.

| 1.0.6 | 3 months ago SayWut SayWut

Really Good and Cheap Plugin. I bought it because it also Logs and can send Webhooks to Discord. Also Co0kei trys his best to Help you when you have a Problem.

| 1.0.5 | 4 months ago Korra Korra