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Note: this module is for NamelessMC version 2.0 only

A VotingPlugin module for the NamelessMC website software. Displays a list of the top voters from your server as well as a list of available voting sites (configurable through the StaffCP).


  • NamelessMC version 2 pre-release 7 onwards
  • VotingPlugin plugin for Spigot, configured to use a MySQL database


  • Upload the contents of the upload directory straight into your NamelessMC installation's directory
  • Ensure the modules/VotingPlugin directory is writable so the config can be generated
  • Activate the module in the StaffCP -> Modules tab
  • Insert your VotingPlugin database details into the file modules/VotingPlugin/config.php
  • Set up some vote sites in the StaffCP -> Vote tab


  • Not compatible with other NamelessMC vote modules
  • If you are using a custom template, make sure you add the template file (in the custom/templates/Default directory) to your custom template, unless it already comes with support for this module.

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Looks like a good moudle,

I have a few problems, first of all,the staffCP little bit broken, the content isn't beside the left nav bar, it's just under the page,

Also I getting on vote page "Unable to retrieve data",

How can I fix it please? :)

(I'm using 2.0.0-pr9)

| v1.0.1 | 14 days ago reflexLabs reflexLabs

Great Module! My only complain rn is that it seems to list every new player on the page even tho they have 0 votes.

| v1.0.1 | 4 months ago Legit Legit

Module is pretty good but does not tsuppor v2

| v1.0.1 | 7 months ago kacperleague9 kacperleague9


I wish that the vote page, where it shows the vote sites and top voters, ( could be modified so that the vote links and top voters would not be just one long line but instead it has pages. Other than that it is a great Module and I love it.

If this feature were to get added, then the rating is 5/5.

| v1.0.1 | 8 months ago TheIceLeopard TheIceLeopard

Great resource ?

| v1.0.1 | 10 months ago Fjuro Fjuro