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Built with Bootstrap framework
Awesome look
Clean design
Fully mobile responsive
Stick navigation bar
Icons from Font Awesome
Ease & Fully customizable
Animated header
Better forums list
Better spoilers style
Better post quotes

Members module
Resources module
Vote module
Friends module
Forms module
Tebex module
Staff module
Chatbox module
Infractions module
Rules module
CraftingStore module

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Email: [email protected]
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Total Downloads
First Release
09 Nov 2018
Last Release
04 Sep 2020
v2 Legacy

Version 2.8

04 Sep 2020, 19:29


Love it! ??

| 1.02 | about 1 year ago DandyLP DandyLP

Amazing Template & Support!

| 1.02 | about 1 year ago Arlind_ Arlind_


| v2.0.0-pre6 | over 2 years ago CPK CPK


| v2.0.0-pre6 | over 2 years ago EatMyHitzz EatMyHitzz

Really nice template & the developer is very helpful when it comes to putting it on your site and even changing the logo animation. I'd recommend to anyone that wants a high quality, clean site!  

| v2.0.0-pr6 | over 2 years ago C1bradleee C1bradleee

Grate theme... the dev is realy helpful and grate to work with

| 1.0.0 | over 2 years ago Iabooseyou Iabooseyou

Nice theme! :D

| 1.0.0 | over 2 years ago BrayaanPS BrayaanPS

It really looks nice with a bit of tweaking, really nice theme and also a great support on their Discord. Would 100% recommend worth buying it !:)

| v2.0.0-pr6 | over 2 years ago OrangCrsh OrangCrsh

Awesome template, clean and perfect for an minecraft server.

| v2.0.0-pr6 | over 2 years ago timr2000 timr2000

It's a really great, highly customizable, template.

A feature that I'd like to see with Rapid is bugs, there are none of them!

| v2.0.0-pr6 | over 2 years ago Monology Monology