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Forms module

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[v1.11.1] Create forms such as Applications, Tickets and much more

I bow to you. Forms/tickets were a big problem for my upcoming server. Was thinking to make support in forums/discord. And now, I can make support forms only in website because not all people use Discord. Thanks. Glad NamelessMC is improving!

| v1.10.2 | about 1 year ago LeDuca LeDuca

Amazing free plugin. Everything works perfect. Keep up the good work.

| v1.8.2 | over 2 years ago TeemoCell TeemoCell

Very nice module! I would suggest Discord bot/webhook integration, that would send message when a new form is submited

| 1.6.1 | over 3 years ago TomakataABC TomakataABC

Great module, works exactly as advertised!

| 1.5.0 | over 3 years ago justsean2 justsean2

Very good and usefull and helpful module ! Works perfectly on my end, I had no issues ?

| 1.5.0 | over 3 years ago StephenGFX StephenGFX

A really nice Module for Nameless v2. If you want to have a form, this is the right add-on for your forum.

| 1.4.0 | over 3 years ago RandomKuchen RandomKuchen

Great forms addon. Please add a DD / MM / YYYY field option!

| 1.4.0 | over 3 years ago Zyr Zyr

Love this! Just what I was looking for!

| v1.3.0 | over 3 years ago Anniken Anniken

Love it, very recommended <3

| v1.3.0 | over 3 years ago getabbter getabbter

i think need new field free TEXT or HTML code. 

for form description :)

look too good. if you need traslate tell me.

| v1.1.2 | over 4 years ago Lupin Lupin


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06 Apr 2019
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24 Feb 2024
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24 Feb 2024, 19:49