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This custom template for NamelessMC has the following features:
  • 2x Custom modules (Leaderboards & Staff)
  • Cheaper than Rapid & Caesium templates
  • Built with Bootstrap Framework
  • Clean Design
  • FontAwesome 5
  • Animated Logo
  • Server IP Typewriter
  • Discord server member count
  • Improved forum list
  • Improved post quotes
TechniTheme includes two custom modules. As well as compatibility for most popular NamelessMC modules.
Displays a full-skin render of every staff member in a custom page on your forum.
Integrates EZBlock, Factions Top or IslandTop(ASkyBlock) statistics into your forum via a MySQL database.
TechnicTheme includes extensive, up-to-date, web-based documentation. This contains a detailed FAQ to answer many questions including how to customise nearly every component of the template as well as a full installation guide.

Contributors: HessApps
Purchase for 3.99 USD Other Releases


Total Downloads
First Release
07 Nov 2019
Last Release
21 Mar 2020
v2 Legacy

Version 2.4

21 Mar 2020, 01:23


Just brought it and the discord server had no channels, no way to contact owner its a massive scam!

| 2.4 | over 3 years ago Spook Spook

Really nice theme!

It's not a scam btw. you have to join the Discord and send a payment proof then you can download it from there

| 2.4 | over 3 years ago Flash08 Flash08

First of all this theme deserve 5 star, its clean and looking very proffesional, i like everything on these theme, i would recommend of buying!!!! idk why people hate the theme, btw after you buy template go to their discord channel

| 2.4 | over 3 years ago myth0y myth0y

scam, don't buy it, I bought it, and it looks like this:

it's just a scam! DON'T BUY

| 2.4 | over 4 years ago Timscore Timscore

scam, do not buy, will be charging back.

| 2.4 | over 4 years ago hx7e hx7e

I dont really get it why people are hating on this theme... Its really a good theme also support is fast...

| 2.4 | over 4 years ago Surprizey_ Surprizey_

His support is unbelivable quick and is always willing to help despite how simple the problem is. He is very skilled and this theme is suffient for most needs. He is very helpful in his descriptions and he has helped my server come a great way.

| 2.4 | over 4 years ago monkeycraftgaming monkeycraftgaming

Do not buy from this user, this user is a toxic person, and implanted some code into the script and will block your site. 

| 2.4 | over 4 years ago TheTriton TheTriton



There is a newer UP TO DATE theme package with way more features for the same price called MineBox, developed by the same individual. I did not realize that before purchasing, and when trying to get access to the newer MineBox, the Authoor NPCtom said no, and to buy MineBox as well.


This is a huge lack of communication on this page, as it does not state are there is another more up to date version, with more features for the same price. Borderline a scam. Do not make the same mistake I made. 

| 2.3 | over 4 years ago Astronull Astronull