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IGN: Samerton
by Samerton » about 1 year ago

Version 1.0.17 has been released! New installations can download it from here, and existing installations can update through the AdminCP -> Update tab.

- Add Japanese translation
- Update Chinese translation
- Update Czech translation
- Update Dutch translation
- Update French translation
- Update Norwegian translation
- Update Portuguese translation
- Update Slovak translation
- Move AdminCP container location
- More efficient way of using Options in .htaccess
- Delete unused 1920x1080 background image
- Fix AdvancedBan label issue
- Display website name on 404 page title
- Integrate Infractions tab into profile pages
- Update Infractions addon for profile pages
- Allow toggling name history on profile pages
- Fix loading invalid addons
- Add BugReport addon
- Update help page
- Update Superhero theme
- Add temp warning AdvancedBan integration to Infractions addon
- Update vote addon to allow for > 8 voting sites without visual glitches
- Fix broken API popover in AdminCP
- Add error messages to BanAppeal and BugReport addons
- Add error messages to staff application module
- Fix validate error on vote addon
- Update nginx example configs
- Update email headers
- Add CraftingStore support to Donate addon
- Fix incorrect UserCP follower count
- Add example Donate addon cron command

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