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IGN: Samerton
by Samerton » 9 months ago

Version 1.0.20 has been released. This includes several minor bugfixes and updates.
  • Add example web.config
  • Fix mcassoc instance key not saving
  • Add Italian translation
  • Update Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Japanese and Portuguese translations
  • Remove register follow location cURL option
  • Add scripts to AdminCP Help page
  • Change AdvancedBan table names to uppercase
  • Add Dutch translation to Ban Appeal addon
  • Optimise images
  • Remove mcrypt requirement
  • Update installer requirements
  • Add panels to forum templates
  • Add default order value for CraftingStore integration
  • Fix signin details being remembered if tfa is cancelled
  • Update 404 and forum maintenance mode back buttons to work on Safari
  • Automatically load addon languages
New installations can get it here, and existing installations can be updated through the AdminCP -> Update tab.

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