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dadus33: over 2 years ago
Yup, he has indeed done a great job :D

Mistri: over 2 years ago
Awesome job, I love it! :D

Partydragen: over 2 years ago
Hey ;P



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Looks like you've figured it out already, but for anyone who's wondering:
  1. Create a new forum in the StaffCP -> Forums tab, the same as any normal forum
  2. In the forum settings, check the box to "Display topics as news on front page"
  3. Any topics you create in this forum will show in the Latest Announcements section
5 days ago


HTML files are simple files which can determine the content and layout of a page. They only contain fixed content (unless you start getting fancy with JavaScript).

PHP files are usually used to generate the content on a web server, so you can't simply open them up on your computer. For a quick and easy way to set up some PHP software on your computer, check out XAMPP (it's what I use on Mac for development). For ease of use, I'd recommend not getting any of the "VM" downloads, so as of the time of writing this post the version I'd get is "7.3.1 / PHP 7.3.1".

Using XAMPP, in your Applications -> XAMPP -> htdocs folder, you can add the Nameless files, boot up "Apache" and "MySQL" within XAMPP, and then visit localhost in your browser to view the site.

Hope that helps :)
5 days ago

Resolved via Discord :)
6 days ago

Ah okay, so if you were using v1 previously, installing any v2 templates (such as Vengeance) would have resulted in your website breaking .

Now you are using v2, you mention the template doesn't appear on the list any more. This is probably because the template is outdated (for example, v2 pre-release 4 templates such as Vengeance will not install on v2 pre-release 5).

If you take a look at the templates Resources section at , any templates from Rapid and up should be updated to pre-release 5 currently.
7 days ago

Can you enable debugging in the StaffCP -> Configuration -> Debugging tab, and then try visiting your website again with one of the broken themes?
8 days ago