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[1.8.0] Best Free Template with a lot of customization

Nexus 1.8.0 11 months ago

Hello everyone who is using Nexus. It is been over 2 years since the release of Nexus that has been started by Mubeen and GIGABAIT and since 1.4.0 I have been maintaining the theme with Sylensky and GIGABAIT.

We are announcing that Nexus no longer will be a template itself, meaning to install Nexus, you will have to overwrite some DefaultRevamp files. We have a lot of work outside of NamelessMC and it is really hard to mantain the theme. The update is done which could be downloaded on this page. To update, you may delete the folder `custom/templates/Nexus` on NamelessMC 2.1.0 and install the new version. Many features were removed due to being broken/hard to put into DefaultRevamp. To edit the theme, all instructions are under this message:

**Q: How do I change my logo in the navbar?**
A: In StaffCP > Layout > Images > Logo image

**Q: How do I change *!!minecraft domain!!* in the navbar?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/navbar.tpl`, line 149, replace the `!!minecraft domain!!` to whatever you want to display (will be copied)

**Q: How do I remove Discord Widget from the navbar?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/navbar.tpl` remove lines 109-110, 115-135 and read comment below (in the file). In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/template.php` remove lines 177-181

**Q: How do I setup Discord Widget in the navbar?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/template.php`, line 171, replace `discordid` with your Discord Server ID

**Q: How do I setup Minecraft Widget in the navbar?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/footer.tpl`, line 98, replace `ip` with the IP you would ping, replace `port` with the port you would ping (if it is 25565, remove `:port`)

**Q: How do I remove Minecraft Widget from the navbar?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/navbar.tpl` remove lines 110-111, 144-167. `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/footer.tpl` remove lines 97-108

**Q: How do I remove WidgetBot?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/footer.tpl` remove lines 110-121

**Q: How do I setup WidgetBot?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/footer.tpl`, set `serverid` and `channelid` (lines 99-100) to your Discord Server ID & Discord Channel ID

**Q: How do I set the embed's description?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/header.tpl`, line 35 & 45, replace `{$PAGE_DESCRIPTION}` with your description (also remove lines 44 & 46)

**Q: How do I set the embed's color?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/header.tpl`, lines 36-37, replace `{$embedcolor}` with your color

**Q: How do I set the embed's image?**
A: In `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/header.tpl`, line 34 & 42, replace `{$OG_IMAGE}` with your image

**Q: Is Ghost Module still supported?**
A: Should be yes

**Q: Does this mean it will be officialy supported?**
A: No, very little updates will be made, but we are still here to help everyone. Also perhaps in the future we will be able to implement Nexus features into the DefaultRevamp itself

**Q: Can you bring back *x*?**
A: Maybe yes, ask (for modern navbar, sticky navbar, dynamic navbar,, widgets headings, preloader, menu to easily edit, manage colors - No, that wouldn't be possible for us. The project is on GitHub, meaning you may add features to the public)

**Q: How do I remove the template?**
A: First of all, delete the `custom/templates/DefaultRevamp` folder and upload the new folder from

If there would be problems, report asap in our Discord Server - , I will try to fix it


Nexus 1.7.2 about 1 year ago

## Added/Updated:
- Fixed buttons not clickable on Members page
- Rework on Update System
- Change background color theme on Preloader

## Languages:
- Added languages to Frontend
- Added Vietnamese | by @RageOfFire


Nexus 1.7.1 about 1 year ago

## Added/Updated:
- Added support for NamelessMC v2.0.2
- Added support for WikiPro Module
- Updated support for Store Module

## Languages:
- Added Chinese (Simplified) | by @NibblesProject


Nexus 1.7.0 about 1 year ago

It finally happend after 47 days, support for 2.0.0-pr13. Many features have been added and revamped. If you have any issues, please report them at our Discord!

You have to delete `/modules/Nexus` & `/custom/templates/Nexus` before uploading

## Added/Updated:
- Rewrote from DefaultRevamp, which now dark mode is actually dark
- Removed the module & made Settings in the template itself
- Added an Update Checker
- Dark mode got darker
- Removed Widgets because there's a new module called WidgetPack
- Added Custom CSS & JS
- Fixed Sticky navbar
- Added a Modern navbar (which is different from Lithium & Cobalt)
- Added Preloader with a lot of customization
- Widgetbot is back with a lot of customization, in the Addons tab
- Added that you can exlude navbar Links
- Better Instructions
- Better MySQL saving
- Removed Favicon upload due to NamelessMC having it
- Added Good-Looking messages (success, info, error)

## Fixed Issues:
- Fixed Embed page & Embed itself
- Fixed Errors in Browser console
- Fixed Footer not aligned properly

## Modules changes:
- Updated support for all 2.0.0-pr13 versions
- Removed support for all non 2.0.0-pr13 versions

## Languages:
- Updated EnglishUK (was some words from EnglishUS)
- Updated Russian | by @PadowYT2
- Added EnglishUS | by @PadowYT2
- Added Czech | by @Fjuro
- Added Spanish | by @Marcos03BR
- Added German | by @Sylensky
- Added Slovak | by @DominikSLK

## Huge thanks to
- @Mubeen142 (on Github) | making the template :)
- @GIGABAIT93 (on Github) | making the base of the update (such as Settings, WidgetPack, MySQL) | As he is in the Ukranian army, lets all :pray: that he is still alive and good
- @PadowYT2 | making a lot of new features (such as Update Checker, Modern navbar, Instructions, Embed page & Embed itself) and rewriting Nexus
- @Sylensky | making a feature to exlude navbar Links
- @Aberdeener | helping making features & fixing issues (such as Update Checker) and making it possible with Nameless-Releases


Nexus Template 1.6.1 over 2 years ago

- Update support for Store module
- Update support for Forms module
- Update support for Gallery module
- Typos fix
- Navbar fix for Navbar


Nexus Template 1.6.0 over 2 years ago

Navbar update
Update from Semantic-UI to Fomantic-UI
Added support for Countdown module
Update support for Gallery module
Made poll widget matching to other widgets
Optimisation code
Remove links to non-existent profiles in the server-status widget
Fix inability to scroll back to the very top of a page (there's a better fix for sticky navbars, but I can't remember it right now)
Fix embed not working
Fix "Click to Copy" IP in server status including colon or port when port is not set or default (25565)


Added support for NMC PRE-12 (CREDIT: PadowYT2#1148) over 2 years ago

Added support for NamelessMC v2 Pre12
Added support for Wiki module
Added support for Iframe module
Added support for Socialize module
Added support for Monitoring module
Footer rework
Better formatting
Bug fixes

Huge credit to PadowYT2#1148 for taking his time to update the theme


1.4.0 over 2 years ago

Added support for NamelessMC v2 Pre11
Added support for Suggestions
Added support for Voting Plugin
Added support for Polls
Footer fix & changes
Widgetbot removed
Buttons removed added
Russian translation
Bug fixes

I would like to thank PadowYT2#1148 for updating the theme to support pre-11 and add bunch of new features. Many thanks.


Update to latest NamelessMC version over 2 years ago

Added support for pre-10


1.2.0 over 3 years ago

Urgent bug fix
Added new shadow setting


1.1.0 over 3 years ago

What's new?
> Added new color options
> Added new Box-Shadow settings


1.1.0 over 3 years ago

What's New?
> Added Darkmode
> fixed minor bug
> New status layout


1.0.0 over 3 years ago


  • Responsive & Modern Design
  • Custom Widgets (Donation Widget, Message Widget)
  • Easy-to-use Backend
  • Compatibility for numerous Modules
  • Built using Semantic UI Framework
  • Advanced Editing Options
  • Custom Buttons
  • Embed/Meta tags configuration
  • Integrations (
  • Actively Maintained
  • Select between different homepage layouts
  • Sticky Navigation bar
  • Built-in Update checker
  • and a LOT more....

  • Rules

  • Friends

  • Infractions

  • Members

  • Resource

  • Custom Dropdown

  • Tebex

  • Forms Module

  • Vote Module

  • CraftingStore

  • Gallery

  • Staff Module
  • Mctrade Module
  • Tickets Module
  • Polls Module(Contact me on Discord for additional modules to be added)


Template zip file contains detailed information on template installation.

Need help or have a question? Feel free to join our Discord server!

I built this template together with @GIGABAIT, he should be credited for the effort he put into the template together with me!



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14 Apr 2021
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23 May 2023
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