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[2.1.0] Create custom dropdowns

The ability to add an unlimited number of dropdowns.

All you need to do is create your own custom pages, go to the CustomDropdown module settings and add a new Dropdown list, go to its settings and add all the necessary pages.

This module doesn't contain other than DefaultRevamp support. The author of your template needs to add it.

Support & Installation:

1. Upload all the contents of the directory to the root directory of your NamelessMC installation.
2. Then login to your staff panel, head over to modules section and click Install button.
3. Then enable the newly appeared module named.
4. Get supportĀ here.

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Total Downloads
First Release
11 Aug 2022
Last Release
12 May 2023
NamelessMC v2 Modules

Version 2.1.0

12 May 2023, 14:28


It's okay for what it's supposed to do, so a 3-star is at least warranted for its growth potential and I can't neglect that fact.

However, I feel that it has yet to flourish. If possible, consider having a permission checker on every subpage within a custom dropdown. Where as pages that a user without permission has access to won't be visible in the dropdown list. But users who have, will see it like normal. However, if the user doesn't have permission to view any page at all within the list, hide it from the Navbar/Footer entirely. This will allow cool features such as unique and secret staff area/pages, VIP or other related pages, or simply pages that you don't want the common user to know about. Unlike the "More" from the default core navbar, CustomDropdown module doesn't filter based on view permissions which is what I believe this module needs next.

| 1.2.4 | about 1 year ago Electrocute4u Electrocute4u