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[1.1.5] Make a shop with a Minecraft plugin

Do you want to have a simple yet efficient store on your homepage without the need to subscribe to any third party application?
Then here you have a all in one solution that lets you make your own shop for literally any product you want to sell to your minecraft players. Let your creativity flow and create unique stores!


This module comes in a pack of 2 parts. The module for your Nameless website and the Spigot/BungeeCord plugin that will handle product purchases on your server.

Here is an overview of all the features and the possibilities:

  • Linking your ingame account with your website account
  • Online/Offline username support
  • uses RCON to execute product purchases
  • per server RCON configuration
  • unlimited categories
  • Unlimited products
  • User balance in profile settings
  • customized user widget
  • Logs of replenishments, transfers, purchases
  • Control of the user balance
  • icon + description support
  • possibility to change groups on purchase

In order to let your player donate in your shop requires you to have a proper payment gateway setup in the StaffCP module section. 
It is adviced to have a business account on your PayPal or any other payment gateway but it is NOT a necessity to have one. Currently the following payment methods are supported:

  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • UnitPay
  • FreeKassa
  • Enot

  • Download the Module from the Resource Page
  • Drop the whole content of the downloaded modules folder in the modules folder of your nameless installation.
  • Drop the whole content of the downloaded custom folder to your nameless custom folder.
  • Log in to your StaffCP on your Site and go to the Module section. Click "Install" and check if the McTrade Module appears.
  • Drop the XRequest Plugin into your Spigot/BungeeCord server and restart it.
  • Head over to the McTrade tab and click on "Settings"
  • Click the "Generate plugin config" and paste the URL in the "config.yml" of the XRequest plugin.
  • Save and restart your Spigot/BungeeCord Server.
  • Log in to your StaffCP and head over to the McTrade Tab.
  • Gather your credentials of the server RCON port and password and also the IP.
  • Create a RCON setting for one of your servers
  • Open the "Shop" tab and Create a "Category"
  • Name it as you would like and submit it.
  • Click the category and check if it elapses
  • Click the "Add product" button and create a sample product
  • Add a name, price and a description and pick your previously made RCON
  • Click "Add" and click on the category you added the product in.
  • Add a command of your desire to the product and you are good to go.
  • Enable the MCTrade Widget in the Widget settings
  • Validate your account by heading to your profile settings.
  • Now change the balance of your user
  • Go to your account settings and check if MC Account is listed and shows MC Name and Balance tab.
  • Click Top up Balance to stock up your balance.
  • Click Remittance and transfer something to a friend.
  • Your friend needs to be validated aswell.

This module doesn't contain other than DefaultRevamp support. The author of your template needs to add it.

Support & Installation:

1. Upload all the contents of the directory "McTrade Module" to the root directory of your NamelessMC installation.
2. Then login to your staff panel, head over to modules section and click Install button.
3. Then enable the newly appeared module named.
4. Upload the plugin from "MinecraftPlugin" to your Minecraft Server's plugins.
5. Get support here.

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Total Downloads
First Release
01 Sep 2022
Last Release
19 Nov 2022
v2 Legacy

Version 1.1.5

19 Nov 2022, 10:59


Module works like the old one! Amazing work on the updated version. 

| 1.1.5 | about 1 year ago PiglinPlayz PiglinPlayz