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As of 0.9 I can't recommend this Template... Why? Semantic UI is a mess and is pissing me off, I'm going to convert everything to Bootstrap! Every issue will be put on ice and development will be focused on getting it converted. Since I'm starting from the ground up, this will take a while, I recommend using another template until this issue is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • Navbar & Footer custom colors
  • Ability to add custom header background
  • Ability to add custom Logo

Module Support:

  • Friends Module
  • Members Module
  • Forms Module
  • Vote Module
  • Websend Module
  • Resources Module

Dependencies: NamelessMC Version 2-pre6
Installation: README

Discord: HighCastle#1259



Version 0.8:


Other Releases


Good, nice looks and all, but the warnings (punishment) never show for the user who actually got the warning.

| 0.9 | about 1 year ago Awesome__Luke Awesome__Luke

Hello! Do you help me? Pls add me on Discord - LWJerri#9843


| 0.9 | about 1 year ago LWJerri LWJerri

Very visually appealing! It's functional, supports lots of modules. What else could we ask?

| 0.8-1 | about 1 year ago Monology Monology

Thanx, it`s wonderful!

| 0.5 | about 1 year ago BaxAndrei BaxAndrei

Nice template, but some bugs 

| 0.5 | about 1 year ago S4MON1X S4MON1X

I didn't realise the images that the template comes doesn't load by default, you have to go inside Images tab and just click "Sumbit"

| 0.4 | about 1 year ago RustyBender RustyBender

Really Sleek, elegant, controllable design, for free. But, the thing is that there are tons of bugs, but still, 100% works and is beautiful. I recommend this all the way.

| 0.4 | about 1 year ago Vamp Uchiha Vamp Uchiha