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Tebex Integration

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[v1.3.3] Integrate your website with a Tebex store

Nameless Tebex

Integrate your Nameless website with your Tebex store.


  • Automatically synchronises with Tebex in the background as you browse your site
  • Featured packages + latest purchases widgets
  • View webstore bans and manage coupons, gift cards, payments from the StaffCP (permissions are configurable)


  • NamelessMC version 2.1.0+
  • Tebex


  • Upload the contents of the upload directory straight into your NamelessMC's installation directory
  • Activate the module in the StaffCP -> Modules tab
  • Configure the module in the StaffCP -> Tebex -> Tebex tab
  • Run an initial synchronisation in the StaffCP -> Tebex -> Force Sync tab



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Total Downloads
First Release
23 Jun 2019
Last Release
27 Aug 2023
NamelessMC v2 Modules

Version v1.3.3

27 Aug 2023, 08:54


| v1.3.2 | 11 months ago IfCasper IfCasper

Very good module to integrate tebex to the website

| v1.1.4 | over 2 years ago Partydragen Partydragen

Works nicely on my 2.0.0-pr12 installation. Great work!

| v1.1.2 | over 2 years ago ninjagamer64 ninjagamer64

Very good resource, it was working well until I updated to version 11 of the page, I don't know why the categories, packages, or payment methods do not sync, the following error appears:

  • Information retrieved successfully
  • Command queue retrieved successfully
  • Listing retrieved successfully
  • Gift cards retrieved successfully
  • Coupons retrieved successfully
  • Bans retrieved successfully
  • Unable to get packages from Tebex:
  • Unable to get payments from Tebex:

| v1.1.1 | over 2 years ago piojon piojon

would like to see at for 2 pre-9 but i get it takes time and that people have lives, good module 

| v1.1.0 | over 3 years ago nullwolf nullwolf

Update for pre-release 9?

| v1.1.0 | over 3 years ago Naghell Naghell

Almost perfect. My only complaints are that there is no "remove image" button for packages and the module doesn't allow you to add a "subscribe" button to packages that can be either bought or subscribed to. 

| v1.0.3 | over 4 years ago nateyeight nateyeight

Great, just that the images don’t work, I thought it was a permissions problem, but I still can’t get the images to work, can you help me?

| v1.0.1 | over 4 years ago kliti kliti

Can we only show package page and not home page ?

| v1.0.1 | over 4 years ago BigBoi1124 BigBoi1124

Nice !
 Maybe add widgets "top donator"

| v1.0.1 | over 5 years ago TwerkRekt TwerkRekt