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An updated version of Nexious' Nextyle template, for NamelessMC version 2.0.0 pre-release 6.

Full credit for the template goes to Nexious, I've just updated it (with his permission).

Three colours available:

Module in AdminCP to change settings:

Again, full credit to Nexious, you can check out the original resource on Spigot here.

Contributors: Nexious
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I tried so much templates and this is the only one I actually like

| v2.0.0-pr6 | 7 months ago Dr Jakaboii Dr Jakaboii

Navbar is now showing for pre-6

| v2.0.0-pr6 | 9 months ago RustyBender RustyBender

The Nextyle Module on the Admin page to edit the theme color, etc is not working for me. I am also unable to update the logo on it.
| v2.0.0-pr4-1 | about 1 year ago cpk03 cpk03

When I creating a new topic in forum, i can't choose label, because it's not showing... can you fix it?
| v2.0.0-pr3-1 | over 2 years ago MrMiijoSK MrMiijoSK

Nice. Thanks for sharing.?
| v2.0.0-pr3-1 | over 2 years ago shorttag shorttag