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[v1.6.1] Share resources with your community

is there another payment method besides PayPal?

| v1.6.1 | 4 months ago UlrichBR UlrichBR

An addon has is very useful especially for those who create certain resources and want to download them on the site without paying for a professional platform. I would like to see in future versions of this module, the possibility to create subcategories for the created categories. But even without this integration, the module works without problems and the users of my sites who used nameless were very satisfied.

Thank you so much for this platform and the benefits created, Samerton!

| v1.5.0 | 8 months ago Horatiu Horatiu

Good, but there is a few things that would make it better - Like adding a way where we can upload .jar ( instead of having to zip it ) 

also maby adding more doc to the addon? like on how to do the paypal thing lol 



| v1.4.0 | about 1 year ago Duke Duke

One of the best resources out there, really recommend it

| v1.3.0 | about 1 year ago Fjuro Fjuro

Does this plugin not support Chinese?

| v1.1.0 | over 2 years ago mascot mascot

Very good module. Too bad we can not put changelog when updating a resource.

| v1.1.0 | over 2 years ago Cyberium Cyberium

Nice Resources looks better than XenForo's resources, love this entire website. nameless mc is my one to go to since XenForo cost money


| v1.1.0 | over 2 years ago NitroRayZ NitroRayZ

Awesome resources module!, Fast update also ;)

| v1.1.0 | over 3 years ago timr2000 timr2000

Great resource, thanks for sharing!
| v1.0.2 | over 3 years ago Airodene Airodene


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