Viewing resource Forms module (For 2.0.0 Pr6)


Forms Module for NamelessMC v2.0.0 pr6


  • Upload the contents of the upload directory straight into your NamelessMC installation's directory
  • Activate the module in the StaffCP -> Modules tab


  • If you are using a custom template, make sure you add the template file (in the custom/templates/Default/forms/ or custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/forms/ directory) to your custom template!
  • Submission list don't have a search fuction yet, Currently all even closed submisssions being displayed

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Nice ! Maybe add chatbox or shoutbox in forum modules?

| v1.1.0 | 4 months ago TwerkRekt TwerkRekt

Works flawlessy, although I would like to see the ability to assign a submission to a user that has submitted the application as a guest.

| v1.1.0 | 4 months ago Rage_YouTube Rage_YouTube

Great resource. Works great! It also suprised me (reading the description of the resource) that PARTY HAS A WEBSITE!

| v1.0.0 | 5 months ago ryanrox333 ryanrox333

Good Module Addition, however you should add limits, so people can't spam applications. Like for example only allow users to submit one app at a time, and not keep filling out garbage and submitting just to annoy staff.

| v1.0.0 | 7 months ago cpk03 cpk03