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Store Module

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[v1.6.2] Allow users to purchase products from your own store

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Store Module


  • NamelessMC version 2.1.0


  • Upload the contents of the **upload** directory straight into your NamelessMC installation's directory
  • Activate the module in the StaffCP -> Modules tab
  • Install the Nameless Plugin on your server and configure the Store module in modules.yaml file
  • Create connections to connect your minecraft servers to the Store on StaffCP -> Connections
  • Create products and you can now assign connections to the products that actions will execute on all connections
  • Now create actions on the product to execute commands when someone purchase your product


  • Create products to your store along with categories
  • Create connections to your servers to execute commands on purchases
  • Supports multiple currencies like USD, EURO, GBP, NOK, SEK, and more!
  • Users can buy multiple products at once with the checkout system
  • Custom fields system allowing you to configure fields for customers to fill in
  • User credits system with ingame commands to add/remove credits with "/changecredits " there is also "/credits" to view user credits
  • Webhooks events for payment events (Discord Alerts)
  • PayPal and Stripe gateways builtin
  • Ingame commands to manage user credits using the Official NamelessMC plugin
  • Adds "Store" tab to UserCP navigation
  • Adds "Store" tab to User view on StaffCP where you can manage users credits and see their payments history etc
  • Powerful API & Events for developers (Developers can do alot with the Store module!)
  • Powerful Gateway system (Developers can make custom gateways)
  • Powerful Connections system (Developers can make custom connections)
  • Referrals Module integration
  • Trophies Module integration

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Contributors: Partydragen
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Total Downloads
First Release
29 Dec 2020
Last Release
03 Aug 2023
NamelessMC v2 Modules

Version v1.6.2

03 Aug 2023, 21:58


This module is amasing, however can you add monthly features to it.

| v1.6.0 | 4 months ago Nightmare Fox Nightmare Fox

not all of us can use spigot on our servers because we run forge or fabric. Please configure these to work with the forge module as well! I know the module works, just not for those of us running FTB or other modpacks. Please and thank you. Also, thank you for all the hard work you've put into this, it makes the game so much more fun for several people and helps support the servers we run!

| v1.6.0 | 5 months ago Hazard1nc Hazard1nc

If you will add a polish translation it will be the best!

| v1.4.3 | 11 months ago Liseg8 Liseg8

Amazing Module opens a whole new world of possibilities with NamelessMC

| v1.4.1 | about 1 year ago Vertisan Vertisan

Good Plugin, but I hoped that Coupons and Sales will be added :)

| v1.4.0 | about 1 year ago SpookyKipper SpookyKipper

A very good plugin, but there are a few drawbacks, very few payment systems and little functionality. I hope there will be updates, thank you in advance for everything! ;)

| 1.0.0-pr2 | over 2 years ago nvf1976 nvf1976

Looks good, Can you provide a demo, please? 

| 1.0.0-pr2 | over 2 years ago reflexLabs reflexLabs

Can you provide a demo please?

| 1.0.0-pr2 | over 2 years ago BaxAndrei BaxAndrei