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Store Module

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[v1.5.4] Allow users to purchase products from your own store

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Store Module


  • NamelessMC version 2.0.3


  • Upload the contents of the **upload** directory straight into your NamelessMC installation's directory
  • Activate the module in the StaffCP -> Modules tab
  • Install the Nameless Plugin on your server and configure the Store module in modules.yaml file
  • Create connections to connect your minecraft servers to the Store on StaffCP -> Connections
  • Create products and you can now assign connections to the products that actions will execute on all connections
  • Now create actions on the product to execute commands when someone purchase your product


  • Create products to your store along with categories
  • Create connections to your servers to execute commands on purchases
  • Supports multiple currencies like USD, EURO, GBP, NOK, SEK, and more!
  • Users can buy multiple products at once with the checkout system
  • Custom fields system allowing you to configure fields for customers to fill in
  • User credits system with ingame commands to add/remove credits with "/changecredits " there is also "/credits" to view user credits
  • Webhooks events for payment events (Discord Alerts)
  • PayPal and Stripe gateways builtin
  • Ingame commands to manage user credits using the Official NamelessMC plugin
  • Adds "Store" tab to UserCP navigation
  • Adds "Store" tab to User view on StaffCP where you can manage users credits and see their payments history etc
  • Powerful API & Events for developers (Developers can do alot with the Store module!)
  • Powerful Gateway system (Developers can make custom gateways)
  • Powerful Connections system (Developers can make custom connections)
  • Referrals Module integration

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Contributors: Partydragen
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Total Downloads
First Release
29 Dec 2020
Last Release
12 Mar 2023
NamelessMC v2 Modules

Version v1.5.4

12 Mar 2023, 19:14


its okay but im getting this:
There has been no API fetch within the last hour, Is the nameless plugin installed, and is store module integration enabled in modules.yaml?
and i made no errors . just cant connect via API , using spigot 1.19.2

| v1.5.4 | 7 hours ago balandislt balandislt

If you will add a polish translation it will be the best!

| v1.4.3 | 5 months ago Liseg8 Liseg8

Amazing Module opens a whole new world of possibilities with NamelessMC

| v1.4.1 | 9 months ago Vertisan Vertisan

Good Plugin, but I hoped that Coupons and Sales will be added :)

| v1.4.0 | 10 months ago SpookyKipper SpookyKipper

A very good plugin, but there are a few drawbacks, very few payment systems and little functionality. I hope there will be updates, thank you in advance for everything! ;)

| 1.0.0-pr2 | over 2 years ago nvf1976 nvf1976

Looks good, Can you provide a demo, please? 

| 1.0.0-pr2 | over 2 years ago reflexLabs reflexLabs

Can you provide a demo please?

| 1.0.0-pr2 | over 2 years ago BaxAndrei BaxAndrei