MineBox Theme & Module By SpeedMC For NamelessMC V2 pre-6
NOTE: This Template Only For V2.0.0 Pre-6
  • Forum Module
  • Members Module
  • Vote Module
  • FAQ Module
  • CPS Module
  • Friends Module NEW
  • Resources Module NEW
  • Forms Module NEW
  • Buycraft/Tebex Module NEW

  • Custom Portal Template NEW
  • Support Friends Module NEW
  • Google Analytics NEW
  • Google Adsense (Enable / Disable) NEW
  • 3 Custom Banners (Enable / Disable) NEW
  • Welcome Panel (Enable / Disable) NEW
  • Alerts / Announcements (Enable / Disable) NEW
  • Title and Description On Sliders NEW 
  • 3 Custom Sliders (Enable / Disable) . NEW
  • Template Support All NamelessMC Admin Panel (Default / Argon / BlackDashboard) NEW
  • Support Resource Module NEW
  • 14 Themes + Rainbow Animation .
  • Logo Animated .
  • New Server Stauts On Home Page
  • Back To Top Button
  • New Look For NamelessMC Forum .
  • Template Support  All NamelessMC V2 pre-6 Modules .
  • New Spoiler Style (Xenforu Spoiler) .
  • New Footer Style .
  • You Can Add  Description On Footer Location .
  • You Can Edit everything On StaffCP -> MineBox
  • Email Template (Register / TFA / Change Password) NOTE: (Only For SMTP Server)
  • and More ...
  1. Open Zip File
  2. Open Upload Folder
  3. Upload the contents of the upload directory straight into your NamelessMC installation's directory
  4. Enable MineBox Module On StaffCP -> Modules
  5. Enable MineBox Template On StaffCP -> Layout -> Templates




  • Red Theme:
  • Dark Red Theme:
  • Aqua Theme:
  • Blue Theme:
  • Dark BLue Theme:
  • Green Theme:
  • Dark Green Theme:
  • Gold Theme:
  • Orange Theme:
  • Brown Theme:
  • Pink Theme:
  • Purple Theme:
  • Gray Theme:
  • Black Theme:
  • Rainbow Theme:


Live Demo:  Click Here 


  • New Themes
  • New Effects
  • More Addons
  • Translation To Others NameslessMC Languages
  • and more Features ...
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Contributors: SpeedMC
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great but I will change it to 5 stars when it has been updated to v2 pre-release 7.

| 3.0 | 7 days ago eatingenderman89 eatingenderman89

Really Really Bad Support, Theme doesn't even work for me and owner did nothing to help, they just wanted me to pay more to get their hosting, and then it didn't even work. DO NOT BUY, just use the leaked version to test it out.

| 3.0 | 24 days ago NotYourBestFriend NotYourBestFriend

Amazing template! but it doesn't look even close to ok on mobile

| v2.0.0-pr6 | 6 months ago Need_Not Need_Not

i like it 


| v2.0.0-pr6 | 9 months ago Here_s_Johnny Here_s_Johnny

Looks nice, functionality however.... Site setting couldnt be saved and reset, update was released, answer - remove options that dont work..... now i have alerts/banners/ads over my site i cant remove. not happy

| 2.0.0-pr6 | 10 months ago KrustyMK KrustyMK

MineBox cannot be saved after setting changes?Enter MineBox again. All settings have been reset.I hope you are aware of this problem.

| 2.0.0-pr6 | 10 months ago yeban yeban

The template is amazing & the service is next level. Helped me step by step customizing the template.

| 2.0.0-pr6 | 10 months ago zphex zphex

The theme is look great and simply I am new with NamelessMc and I can say that when I saw it i just bought it. Everything is amaizing great job ! keep up !
| 1.1.0 | 11 months ago Ghost34 Ghost34

Awesome template and awesome support by SpeedyMC! The Speedy in his name shows how quick their support is! Overall is a good buy! Highly recommended.
| 1.1.0 | 11 months ago NamorSubmariner NamorSubmariner

Brilliant theme! Very clean and super customisable, had a few issues at the start but the dev was willing to help me and it was solved within 5 minutes! Make sure to purchase this template as it is the best around! grinning
| 1.1.0 | 11 months ago Zampato Zampato