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TSUKI • A Namless Template
Hello! Thanks for checking out TSUKI, a NamelessMC V2-pre4 Template written by Benedikt Kaiser

Before we begin here are some screenshots:

Now we get into how you can install it!
  1. Download the
  2. pull it into /custom/templates
  3. extract it in that folder
  4. go into your AdminCP
  5. navigate to syles in the AdminCP
  6. click on install
  7. choose TSUKI and hit Okay!
  8. DONE!

  • You will not remove my credit from the footer
  • You will not credit it to yourself or someone else
  • You will not remove the Nameless credit
  • You will enjoy it!

If your site uses this template I would be happy to know about it!
Kontact Information:
Discord: Tsuki#0993
Email: [email protected]

This was release under the Creative Commons 

Contributors: Tsuki
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Works fine, except the homepage the avatars no longer work. The site you put only accepts UUIDS and not usernames anymore. Should be a easy fix for you to make if you ever get around to updating it.
| v1.0-release | about 1 month ago cpk03 cpk03

This template looks very good :)
Thanks for making templates :D
| v1.0-release | 6 months ago Partydragen Partydragen