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  • Forum
  • Members Module
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  • Status Module
  • Resources Module
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High-quality support

Update checker

Clean, formatted code

Icons from Material Design Icons

Announcements bar

Discord and Minecraft player count

Favicon support

Highly customizable

Mobile responsive

Particles JS

And much more...

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[SPOILER="Vote"]      [/SPOILER]

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[SPOILER="Members"]     [/SPOILER]

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You will not use it for illegal purposes or use it on illegal websites.

You will not charge back, no matter what the reason!

You will not re-sell or re-distribute this resource.

You will not re-distribute.

You are not allowed to claim this content as your own or when other ask you who made it you are not allowed to say that you did it!

You are not allowed to remove Ipolotech copyright!

I am not required, to make adjustments to this, but I may if I feel necessary.


Developer Discord: Johnn#8299


Contact me for support, send bug reports, feature requests, also you will receive the costumer rank on our Discord!


- Installation, configuration, edits, custom templates have an additional price.

- Breaking Terms of Service may result in the removal of your license.



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